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Twistpad is a comprehensive, multitab text and code editor you can use as a quick tool for programming as well as for everyday operations like a simple notepad. This will simplify your work, which is always a good thing.

This tool is useful for programming code efficiently. It lets you create, open, and edit documents in more than 20 programming languages, as well as create keyboard macros to save time with repetitive tasks.

Twistpad includes super-simple syntax highlighting for the most common programming languages (HTML, ASP, XML, C, and Pascal) on a highly customizable, visual interface that favors search tools and syntax recognition.

Some of its main features include project support, spell checking, keyboard macros, and diverse functions geared toward facilitating text file and code fragment editing.

With Twistpad you can also compare files to differentiate between two sections of text more quickly and find the missing or extra lines in each one. Twistpad searches, replaces, and auto-completes while additionally exporting to RTF and HTML formats.

Trial version functional for 30 days.